Sketchout team building activities with corporate clientsWhat are the best team building activities for a small group?

Drawing is a mindful and tactile activity that is a great escape from the hectic screen-based work most job roles include and it’s perfect for a small group. A lot of the usual team away day ideas are high-action, outdoor activities, which naturally don’t suit everyone and can’t necessarily be done at any time of year. For companies seeking creative team building activities, drawing is a calm and immersive pursuit that Sketchout can bring directly to your company location.

Quite simply, art is a great way to relax and switch off but we can also use drawing as a tool to better understand ourselves and the habits that may be holding us back from greater creativity. For this reason, drawing sessions are also well-placed for those investing in corporate wellness programmes, ideal if you are looking for fun ways to promote health and wellness in your organisation.

We can deliver bespoke team building in London with drawing workshops at your office or event for colleagues and/or clients as well as corporate days out in some of London’s most beautiful and culturally opulent locations. In addition, we regularly work with a range of drawing abilities so there’s nothing to be concerned about on that front.

Drawing is one of the activities that activates the right side of the brain, the side responsible for creativity and innovation and the least-used side in the majority of adults. Sketchout provide corporate awaydays with a difference; no need to pay staff expenses, we are more than happy to come to you, armed with a fully-prepared creative team event that suits your aims.

Previous clients include Dyson, Warner Music and Kings College Cultural Institute and Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

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Dyson, Warner Music and Kings College Cultural Institute

Our drawing workshops are fun and accessible .