Explaining our Policy with regard to requests for date transfer with bookings using discount vouchers.

We can not afford to allow date transfers for places booked with discount voucher which is why this policy is stated on discount vouchers when they are sold and again when bookings are made via Eventbrite.

In order to maintain the quality of our workshops we have to keep our class size small to ensure that everyone gets enough one to one time with the tutor.

The costs of running one of our workshops remain the same whether everyone booked onto a specific date shows up or not. Allowing someone to come on a different date from the one they initially booked for means that we are essentially having to pay the costs of providing that service twice for one customer. When a customer has paid less than half price for that service in the first place there is just not the money to do this which is why we strictly enforce our no date transfer policy for all places booked with discount tickets regardless of the reason.

We are sorry that we are not able to be more accommodating but there are simply limits to the service we can provide for a certain price.

In most cases we will be happy to sell you another place for the same price initially paid but we can not allow you to come on another date for free.