The Fundamentals of Drawing @ The V & A

Sketchout’s ‘The Fundamentals of Drawing’  Workshops are a chance to learn how to sketch.  The class is a way to rapidly and intensively improve your seeing and drawing skills in one day. You will be taught the fundamental mental processes and physical tricks that underpin observational drawing – the process of converting what we see with our eyes into a 2 dimentional image on paper. We break drawing down into 2 main areas – line and tone and explain simple ways for you to understand what is in front of you and break it down into forms that you can understand and then recreate.

You will learn how to sketch.

You will learn to think and see like an artist.

What will you learn ?

-the fundamental principles for recognising line, tone and scale.

-the importance of shading for depth and atmosphere/feel of a drawing

-basic physical tips that improve your chances of getting the results that you want e.g positioning, materials, subjects and sizing.

-some techniques to help you “loosen up” and engage with drawing in new, fun, dynamic ways.

-An understanding of “quality of line” and how this can affect the feel of you drawings and what you communicate with your drawings.

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These workshops last from 10.15 am till 5.15 pm  with a break for lunch between 1.15 pm and 2.15 pm.



The Fundamentals of Drawing at The V & A: learn how to sketch

By Zahra Kassamali.

A Fundamentals Course Drawing By Lesley Hagon. Learn how to sketch with Sketchout.

By Lesley Hagon

15 minute drawing by Rob Blythe.

15 minute drawing by Rob Blythe.

 The Fundamentals of Drawing at The V & A


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